Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Pictures

Several weeks ago, while we were in VA, Gabe was watching a Caillou video (PBS cartoon about a little 4 year old boy) where Caillou gets a boat. Gabe then started talking about getting a boat, and guess what came in the mail for him from Grandma Edith after we came back to KY? He had to promptly shed his clothes to sail his boat in the bathtub. But. The other nice part was the BOX the boat came in. Handy little Amazon box it is. Perfect for small boys.

The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been that perfect line - not too hot, not too cold, with a warm breeze, and the flies and mosquitos aren't quite out yet. Gabe has been splashing in his pool, and driving his trucks outside. We have also eaten our last three meals on the carport. Here's a little Snooter in his highchair. That kid is such a sweetheart.

This was after supper the other night. Gabe was TOTALLY smeared with jam, and was happy to show me his sticky hands. Is he cute or what?

When we went to Walmart last night, Tim tried to sneakily slip some sidewalk chalk into the cart to give to Gabe at some point this week, but Gabe had his "pessant" (present) sensors on high alert. "That for me?" Tim replied that it was Daddy's secret. "No!" Gabe insisted. "Itz MY sec'rt" :) So Gabe enjoyed his "sec'rt" today in the sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

Eating outside is always a nice and refreshing thing to do, and sidewalk chalk is so much fun when you have children to play with! Great pictures, I always enjoy your postsand pictures! LaVonne