Friday, May 04, 2007

The Queen and Me

So the Queen of England called last night and wondered if she could bunk up in our little basement bedroom tonight, since she was flying into the Bluegrass Lexington Airport today, and I said that would be fine, except we wouldn't be able to pick her up until tonight, since I had to she got all hoity-toity on me and said that 'well, that's just fine, I would rather stay with my billionaire buddy over in Woodford County, anyways', and I said 'Fine', and she said, 'Fine, then', and I said 'Well, you're just going to do what you want; you've always just done that anyway', and she said 'Don't bother showing up in Millionaire's Row - I think I gave your seat to someone else', and I said 'Who cares about the dumb horses anyway stupid Derby' and I just slammed the phone down. We've always been like this (middle and index fingers wrapped around one another), but sometimes she just thinks she's hot stuff. I guess it's better you know who your true friends are, anyways. But, man. Here I was thinking I'd have somebody new to go to Walmart with tommorrow. Hummphh.**

In other, non-royalty news, when I picked Israel up tonight after I came home from work, I noticed he had a fever. Combined with the fact of being the drooliest man alive on the face of the earth, and a few days of runny nose, I went tooth-hunting, and came up triumphant. My Youngest is cutting two beauteous choppers at once, bottom middle. They are clearly delineated in his gums, and just about ready to pop through. We're so proud. They haven't seemed to really cause him much discomfort, but just in case, he guzzled down some Tylenol before bed; hopefully that will help us all sleep log-likedly.

**For those of my friends in faraway lands, the big news here in Kentucky is that the Queen of England is here for the Kentucky Derby, and is staying with a friend in a nearby county. How weird would it be to put the Queen up for the night?


Cottonista said...

I'm sure the Queen would have enjoyed eating toast and jam with Gabe on the carport. Sorry it didn't work out.

emily said...

Well, um, excuse me, but we had Queen action here in Virginia. The Queen asked me to drive her to Lexington after looking at all the colonial buildings in Williamsburg. She wanted to see the land the colonial people liked so much...but it didn't happen. She said in that high pitched voice that she didn't want to ride in my dirty crummy car that has a rust spot). I mean, get real lady.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Queen on CNN tonight during her little American tour and it reminded me of our mutual good friend Carrie. Okay, this is your comment hug for the day. Love you! Candice