Sunday, May 13, 2007

On the Roll

My boy is on the roll. Several days ago, he started rolling from his back to front, front to back (6 months and 4 weeks). He can make some tracks. You put him down on the rug and then leave the room for a minute, and he is nestled up to the stereo speakers, or drooling on the hardwood floor when you come back.

He has also practicing the dubious sport of "testing the choppers" that he has sprouted so recently. This morning I filed a formal complaint to the 'powers that be' regarding the injustice of being bitten 8 times between the hours of 6 and 7 AM. He thinks it is quite amusing, and gives me a pleased smile after each chomp. You see why I was up at 6:30 AM. Ain't no way I am persisting in the attempt to nurse my son back to sleep. I'd rather rise and shine, thanks. (Or, rise and flicker faintly, at least. I'm not known around here for my ability to function adequately in the morning hours.)

Here was the previously aforementioned Chomper this afternoon. What a puddin' pie. He had a fever again yesterday from the slow ascent of those two bottom teeth. They are through the gums, but still have a bit to come out still.

Here's my other boyz. Tim is mildly horrified at the appearance of his stomach on this picture, so I am going to issue a public disclaimer that my husband does not in fact possess a pot belly, and is in fact, quite in shape. This was Gabe playing in the back of our neighbor Bud's truck.

I discovered Gabe the other day busy with his guitar and just had to capture it on film. He has a guitar cord of Tim's plugged into two random holes on his pretend guitar. Add the cowboy hat and pantless state, and it just called for a photo. :)

And finally, here are my lovin' buddies playing outside together the other day. The days have been so beautiful that we've just had to be outside. Gabe was thoroughly enjoying his box and drum, and Israel was gnawing happily on his orange butterfly.

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Cottonista said...

Dear Mommy,
Thanks for putting great pictures of us online so your friends can see how smart and adorable we are. Thank you for feeding us and for letting us run around without pants. We love you.
Love, Gabe and Israel