Monday, May 28, 2007

Bunny Breath

Our Snooch (bad girl) has Bunny Breath. Our Snooch (bad girl) is a Bunny Eater. Baleful stare. Actually, Tim is more appalled than I, likely mostly because he witnessed the carnage. Chloe got into a nest of baby bunnies in the yard next door and shook 3 of them to death. The thing is, this is EXACTLY the thing her little Jack Russell Terrier self was born to do. So you can't really blame her.

However. There was one little bunny left alive, and as we were told by our neighbor Bud, who knows a little something about most everything, the mommy rabbit would likely not come back to the nest, since it was so disturbed, and the one remaining bunny wasn't even in the nest anyways, but just huddling up against a wall - we decided to adopt him. Or her. Figured it was the least we could do after the ravage Snooch wrought. Goes by the name of Bunn Bunn. A third reason to climb out of bed in the middle of the night - just what I was looking for! :)

So yesterday, Sunday afternoon on Memorial Day weekend, I called the vet's answering service who sent me to the Animal Emergency Clinic who gave the number of a "bunny expert" who told me how to take care of it. It's eyes are open and it has fur and so it has a pretty good chance of survival. It started eating from a dropper this morning and already isn't nearly as jumpy from being handled, plus it has starting making baby bunny poop. :) So I'm happy. I'm the Bunny Whisperer.

I have understood, in a new light, why Chloe likes squeaky toys so much. A baby bunny sounds exactly like a squeaky toy - it's mildly startling. Anyways. Signing off, from a Miller Household of 2 adults, 2 boys, 1 Jack Russell, and 1 Bunny...


masts said...

So, one question does come to mind...what keeps the doggy from shaking this bunny to death? Just curious. :) And what a coincidence that you are the bunny whisperer- I'm the fish whisperer at our house! It's freakish the way I can anticipate the needs and desires of our daughter Dorothy and son Lolly. Candice

Elaine said...

I am LOL at this, because our dog has been doing exactly the same thing. Weird that he doesn't kill it, but I guess that's cuz he's a retreiver. Best wishes on keeping it alive. I've heard that it's pretty much impossible, but maybe the bunny expert knows. I feel bad for the poor little rabbits, but I think he's found a nest and I can't keep him from them.

Cottonista said...

Mmm...bunny-flavored treats. Our cat's mouth is watering. Sad to say, our cat introduced her newest litter of kittens to the taste of rabbit or hassenpfeffer or whatever else you want to call it to keep from thinking of eating a sweet little bunny. Animals must have their instincts.

Carrie said...

Candice, the bunny is safely ensconced in a Mr. Coffee cardboard box, nestled amongst various towels and tissue paper, and high out of the dog's eager and wagging reach. :) Wow. A fish mommy. Who woulda thunk it?

Elaine - I know, we'll see. I keep peering into the box everytime I go in to feed it, wondering if it's still alive. Apparently the reason a lot of them die is they get some sort of bacteria in their gut causing really bad diarrhea that kills them. They have to eat a certain kind of poop they have to prevent this. So I'm not sure if this bunny can do this, or if it is ok if he doesn't...I guess we'll see.

Joyce - "hassenpfeffer"...:) Now that, I like.

Anonymous said...

We got a baby bunny out of the back yard. It lived for one day short of 3 weeks on our back porch, but for the last half week it couldn't walk it just drug its back legs around. Ryan really liked it and was pretty sad when it disappeared. That was a week ago Fri. He got a new one today. He is so excited. My cousin has some and Monte and Ryan stopped in there this morn and my aunt gave him one! Have fun trying to keep that rabbit, I enjoyed trying to see how long it would live.