Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Son the Bunny

The other day, as we were finishing up our supper of tacos, Gabe decided that he needed "a little" lettuce, so he helped himself to all the lettuce left in the bowl, and then proceeded to chomp away. He certainly did not finish all his lettuce, but it was pretty hilarious.

Here he was the other afternoon after we went to the library. He is getting easier to take places, because he can "listen" better and isn't just randomly toddling off to places unknown. He was very happy about his new books to look at. Me too. I hit my saturation point with the books he currently has and basically can't stand to look at them anymore, with a few exceptions. One of his current favorites is "Blue Hat, Green Hat". It just tickles his funny bone with chortling glee.

And a final idiosyncrasy. My child and his sleeping habits continue to astound me. Since I laid his "road" rug on his floor, the child has been spending every nap and night on his beloved rug, surrounded by his pillow and blankets. Often, I will find him fast asleep, partially on the rug, head on the hardwood floor. I continue to shake my head in bewilderment at this child. The other day, as I was unpacking a suitcase in the living room, his eyes lit up and he ran for his pacifier and blanket, and settled himself in. I took it to his room, and that is where he fell asleep that night, and then I transferred him to his bed.

I finally took it out of his room last night, as he couldn't quite get comfortable (for SOME reason!!), informing him that the suitcase needed to sleep in the basement. Those sorts of explanations seem to pacify him. The sunshine sleeps, the suitcase sleeps - fits in his little world. :)


heidirhodes said...

yumm that lettuce looks good. pour half a bottle of ranch dressing on and i am all over that. =) good job on the veggies. a green apple is about the only green thing blake will eat. just like his daddy. your pictures are so cute. i had to catch up cuz i havent been on in a while at least without someone in my lap sos i could type. congrats israel on the "toophers". still no teeth here. thankfully i am dreading their arrival. have a great weekend. ~heidi

Cottonista said...

Carrie, your son cracks me up, but it makes me tired just reading about all his activity. Yep, I think I need to go brew me some more coffee. I'm so glad you got a picture of him sleeping in the suitcase. You really ought to do a photo collage of all his sleeping nooks. WHACK. (That was the sound of my head hitting the keyboard.)