Wednesday, August 15, 2007

10 Months

  • Has 4 1/2 teeth (top and bottom two, and then one partially in on his top left)
  • Gets up on knees in the middle of the floor
  • Will sometimes pull himself 1/2 up, legs straight, but bent at the waist
  • Crawls speedily and busily
  • Stands with his feet flat on the floor when you hold his hands (he used to just be on his tip-toes)
  • 23 pounds 10 ounces
  • Size 5 diaper
  • Eats like a champ; can chew small pieces of soft foods. He LOVED blueberries when I gave them to him. I figured there are limited times in life when I find myself tediously chopping blueberries into 4 pieces. :)
  • Say's "Mom-mom-mom-ma" when he is trying to get my attention
  • Makes very interested little "Dhttttt" noises when he is looking at something new and fascinating
  • Turns his head to look at you when you say "Israel"
  • Claps hands with hands open
  • Sometimes cocks his head over to his shoulder and gives you a coy little grin when he's playing "bashful". Also wags his head back and forth in a very Indian-like movement sometimes when you are looking at him. :)

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