Friday, August 10, 2007

The Dog Days of Summah'

Hat Buddies.
Lil' Cowboy.
I love pictures like this. Busy truck stilled for the evening. Note that the sand involved is far, far away from the sandbox. Sigh.

It's hotter n' snot here. Bpplech. Last night I was driving Mr. I-can't-sleep-I'm-so-cranky-and-snotty-and-have-a-fever-and-I-won't-nap-but-like-one-half-hour-the-whole-day around in a vain attempt to get him to sleep, and it was 91 degrees at 10:30 PM. Sickness. For me, this is hot.

I am reading "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. Dobson, in an attempt to figure out how to best raise my squirrelly youngsters, and came upon the phrase "excess energy". Ah, my, does this describe my elder son or what? We're having quite a time with it being almost too hot to go outside, yet how fair is it to cage him up in the living room and tell him to be quiet because the baby is sleeping? He simply is virtually unable to be very quiet for very long - it all builds up and comes bursting out. I need a big house. My next house is DEFINITELY going to have a nice big, fenced-in yard for both little boys to tear around in and work out all sorts of energy. And it's going to have, like, 4 bedrooms and a huge master bedroom and bath and a kitchen with lots of cupboards and a non-skinny bathroom that has a place to put towels and probably a sunken tub and a big wrap around porch and a music room with soundproof walls and a playroom and a tennis court and definitely a swimming pool and maybe a separate garage for my cars. All of them. And a movie theater. Phew.

Israel pulled up halfway today - he made kind of an 'L' with his legs straight and him bent over holding onto the chair. I'm so proud. :)


heidirhodes said...

i only have 1 boy but if you find any good advice in your book let me know. mine definetly has plenty of excess energy to. is israel crawling? i cant remember if you had posted before that he was. i agree with the previous poster who said he is looking more and more like quentin. i really noticed it on the 2nd pic on the last post. well as usual i enjoyed reading your posts and i hope you get your mansion sooner than later. =) have a great weekend.

Cottonista said...

This hot weather is causing general crankiness in our house too. Maybe you could get Gabe to use his excess energy and wave a fan over you while you soak in a tepid bath in your skinny bathroom in your unsunken tub--that probably has kiddie toys perched all over.

Jason's cousin just had her air conditioner go out. Thankfully it was only a wire or something that needed to be replaced. So we are including, "God bless the air conditioner" in our bedtime prayers here.

Carrie said...

Heidi - yes, Israel is crawling all over the place. Is Alexis? Thanks for your well-wishing on my mansion plans. :)

Joyce - You are so funny. You always make me laugh. I must say, this is a very good idea to bless the airconditioning. :) We sure do thank God for airconditioning in our cars after going an extended period without it!!! God bless the airconditioning in our cars and in our house. Amen.

Angela said...

I've thanked God so many times for AC this last week. And on Friday when it was cooler and just PERFECT outside, I found myself just raising my arms and taking adeep breath of such wonderful goodness in the country air. Btw- what's up with Gabe wearing a diaper? I thought he was potty trained. Or does he actually take that off to go #1?