Monday, August 20, 2007

Snapshots of Life

Shots of the past week:
Gabriel and his One Man Pan Band. He can make a delighted racket with this ensemble.
Baby Israel and his sweet sits. This is how he always sits; one leg bent backwards and one forwards. Tim's Grandma Polly said is how Carol always sat. :)
Israel "helps" Mommy load the dishwasher.
Fireman Gabe and Tim read a Dr. Seuss book on the couch. Gabe was playing with his fireman hat the other day and informed me that his name was "Daken". :) He's really into pretending games right now. Today he had some long involved conversation on his little red handset, where he talked to Granddaddy, then to Grandma, then to Uncl' Qintin, then to Travis (?), then to Smokey, Emmy, Katie, and Moxie. Then he hung his phone up: :) :) :) Is that cute or what?
Busy Boy Gabe busy busy busy at the bathroom sink. There is all sorts of pouring and washing of hands and brushing of teef's and what-not to be done here. Keeps a boy busy for a while. The other day during his bath I opened the bathroom door to find him sliding around on the bathroom floor in a bunch of water he had dumped out of the bathtub pretending to be a frog. Mommy was not convinced of the importance of this game and said boy was reassigned jobs.
Little Squeezer in the bathtub. I love love love his hair right now. Devoted sigh.
Gabe and Mommy one night after a "baff". :)

And then after all the 'precious' pictures, here's a snapshot of real life:
Gabe lying on the bed crying about some vague injustice as Israel busies himself at the bedside amongst shoes, diapers, and other sundry things that need to be picked up along with the rest of the house. Life with my baby boys. I love it.


Sam said...

Those are great pictures Carrie. Israel's looking good. I didn't get to see him last time I was there. Also, Nice censoring in the bathroom shot.

You know, speaking of people sliding around in water on bathroom floors, I foundd some of my freshmen doing that when I was an RA. I, like you, was unconvinced of the importance of this activity. And in the dorm, I was more worried about staph infection and the like. :D What? What's that? Oh yes, they were naked. Of course.

Carrie said...

This is why I am saying: boys are odd creatures. Girls do not do these things. Well, at least in my dorm they didn't.

Tim actually did a black box censor with an exclamation mark in it, which was kind of funny, but I liked my orange box.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I really like the real life shot. It's comforting to know that my girls aren't the only ones doing such things. Just this morning, I could've taken a similar picture of Dara and Lydia. But of course it's much more fun to document the less frequent moments of them doing doing something cute or clever. C

Timothy Miller said...

Carrie: Vague injustice seems to really cause quite a lot of stress-filled sessions around here.

Sam: What were their names...unless that's privileged information...