Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August Days in Kentucky

Today was a perfect day for the following activity:Splish splasher had a great time. It was so hot. All the water on the carport led to this:
>:( No, not really. Tim cleaned it up immediately. It was actually sort of amusing to have these big muddy footprints all over my kitchen floor. Sort of.
This is the baby boy whacking away at the piano. He was longingly stretching up to reach it, so I helped him out. Guitarist? Check. Drummer? Check. Piano player? Apparently.
After some energetic piano playing, Israel was ready to help Daddy give Gabe a bath. He loves to be part of what everybody else is doing.


Anonymous said...

Splashing in that water looks mighty fun, Ryan would enjoy that as well. And I love the picture of Isreal playing the piano! LaVonne

heidirhodes said...

i feel ya on the footprints. add a few doggy prints in there and thats our floor. so nice of "daddy" to give gabe a bath to. i love it when anthony does bath duty. have a great week. ~ Heidi

Cottonista said...

I did a double take on the picture of Tim and Israel. I thought you had must have mis-typed and meant Gabe was helping give Israel a bath. I cannot believe how tall Israel is! And tell Tim I'm impressed that he cleaned up after himself.