Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hon and Such

As the chicken breasts bubbled away in their savory sauce of mushroom gravy and sour cream, wrapped in salty dried beef and bacon strips, and the mashed potatoes sat waiting on the stovetop, swirled with sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream, and butter, and the homemade chocolate chip cookies found their way from the spoon to the baking sheet, I grinned a grin of self-satisfaction and turned to Hon, making iced tea at the sink. “Hon”, I says. “Hon, you done one thing right.”

“What’s that?” Hon says, turning to me.

“You married yerself a Mennonite girl,” I replied cheekily, puffed up with savory smells and anticipated tastes, and quite rightly so.

“That’s right,” Hon answered. “You can microwave store-bought frozen peas with the best of ‘em.”

This drew Hon quite a glare from the addled wifey, who responded icily “You feel free to drive yourself to McDonald’s for supper, then.”

Hon quickly recanted, and all was well in the 347 degree kitchen with the herds of flies careening from hither to yon, the Gabe-Son licking cookie batter off the spatula, and the Chloe-Dog being ratty and snoochy as usual. I love my life. :) Actually, I really do.

Belch. Rub of tummy. ‘Twas a mighty good meal. Sometimes I can be quite a good cook, and sometimes I am real good at opening a frozen pizza and sometimes I am real good at driving to McDonalds. :)

So I haven’t blogged much recently. I’ve been quite uncreatively minded. My baby boys have been quite sweet, however. Israel started clapping. He claps with his hands closed and a big delighted grin on his face. That kid is too cute for words. He gets 4 billion squeezes a day. Gabe is up to all sorts of lisping cutie-pie-ness himself. This was him today with his cowboy hat on. He was "helping" Mommy make cookies today. Man, he is a GOOD helper! :) And man, does my hair need highlights!!! Blecch.

Tim is finally officially done with all things school. HIP HIP HOORAY!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! :) Now, off to find a job. Hmmm. And sell a house. Hmmm.


Sam said...

as one who has tasted that chicken, I can say "that ain't no microwaved peas!" Mmmm.

Israel looks a bit like Quentin in those pics.

Carrie said...

Yes, particularly around the jowls and legs. :) Actually, a lot of people have commented that he looks kind of like Quentin.

I'm glad somebody appreciates my chicken. Actually, I think we still owe you guys a meal from, oh, May 2006. Hmmm. Oops.

Cottonista said...

I love your writing Carrie. In fact, it was such a vivid description, I stuck my nose out the door so I could smell the chicken. But all I caught was a hint of frozen peas.

Your kids look happy and healthy--and man, o man, has life been good to Israel. What a squeezer!

Anonymous said...

I could almost smell the chicken and mashed potatoes too and I would give a lot right now for a gooey chocolate chip cookie. Can I take a rain check on that meal for 2010 :) I thought immediately of Quentin when I saw the second picture of Israel. Miss you. Carmen

Carrie said...

Carmen, absolutely, I'll schedule you in for chicken at my house, 2010. Is that seriously the next time I'm going to see you??? That's depressing. :( Do you guys have chocolate chip cookies there? I know that I could find nothing of the sort in India and literally stuffed my face with dozens of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies after I came home because I craved them SO BAD!!!!!