Monday, August 18, 2008

33 Weeks 4 days

Baby's HR - 125
My BP - 100/60
Baby's Measurements - 33 weeks 5 days, 4 lbs 14 oz
Weight gain - 22 pounds

Today we had an ultrasound. Baby BOY (again confirmed) :) was right on target, measuring one day ahead. He was squirmy, and didn't want his picture taken. So we have a a head, and ear, a cheek, and an arm.
Tim came with me, as today was his birthday and it was just what he wanted to do to sit in a doctor's office. Heh heh heh heh. :) We drove to Rehoboth Beach afterwards and ate at a Fish & Chips place that made him happy. We had a babysitter for the little squirrels that live at our house. One of which was up in the middle of the night. Again. Sigh.

Gabriel wakes up and has to pee and is so out of it that he doesn't know that he has to pee and his mommy is so out of it that she doesn't think about that he has to pee and it's just all quite a noisy mess. At 4 AM. Routinely. Pull hair out of head.

I've decided that we have to move him to another room as there will be a third little squirrel moving in in a few weeks whose sleep his mommy will feel VERY cranky about being interrupted. We also need to restrict his before bed fluids. So I'm planning for a bumpy transition week coming up. Pray for easy transition for us if you think about it, because I want to get this sleep thing settled before the baby comes. I'm planning to put him in Israel's room so we have a spare room. I like the idea of them bunking together, plus I think that Gabe would find it comforting. He really likes to have companionship while he's going to sleep. I just hope that Israel doesn't have to wake up in the middle of the night with Gabe, since he is currently such a GREAT sleeper.

In other pregnancy news, they recently increased my thyroid medication by 12 mcg, and I feel like an ENTIRELY. NEW. PERSON. I have SOOOO much more energy, and I am so happy about it I can't quite get over it. I have been the happiest little buzzy bee on the east coast. I hadn't realized exactly how tired I was until I suddenly WASN'T anymore. Praise you JESUS!!! Seriously. Energy for the mom of young children is a very valuable resource, and one for which I would pay dearly if I had to.


Anonymous said...

Looking good, lady!

Anonymous said...

I have a wonderful idea- make Gabriel's night time pee needs, his Daddy's responsibility. At our house, Jeff is in charge of Julia at night, and me, Elise. Angelina

Cottonista said...

Carrie, I just had to laugh when I saw your picture. That's a great belly shot!

And boy, you make me want to get my TSH checked. Although right now, I think I have shingles. Ain't that fun?

Anonymous said...

I think our bellies are about equal. . .except I'm only 28 weeks :). We are getting ready to get some bunk beds and put our boys in the same room too. . .not sure how that is going to go, esp with the youngest :). Jan

amber cullum said...

I love it!!!! All belly.