Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ah HAH!!

Today, in sheer desperation, I marched mine youngest into the doctor's office. It turns out he has something called an "echo virus", which manifests itself with a fever (over and done with), a rash (now gone). diarrhea (still has), throat ulcerations (still has), and a headache. Ah HAH!!!! It should be resolved in a few days. I was so thankful to find that out. The nap has returned, but the fussiness has been almost unbearable.

I was just feeling like I was about to climb the walls around here. This morning Israel fussed constantly, as in angry screeching, or standing right in front of me to be lifted up, crying, or going limp and crying when I tried to set him down. And again with the angry screeching. If anything went wrong he was going into total meltdown mode. I was really starting to feel overwhelmed - like - is there something I'm doing wrong? Is this the Terrible Two's? Is this his personality? I CAN'T TAKE THIS!!!! It has been a very trying few days.

Now I feel much more sympathetic toward him. And the sigh of relief is HUGE knowing the happy little boy will like soon make his return. Wittle Buster. :)

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Anonymous said...

Ooohhh poor guy!! I haven't heard of that, but it sounds miserable! Hopefully your happy little guy will return in a few days. . . and may the naps stay for awhile too :). Jan