Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday, Babe

The top 10 things I love about my freshly 30-year-ed old husband, Tim Miller. (In no particular order.)

1. He's hot. :)

2. He has one of my top four favorite singing voices, which also include the guy from Creed, the guy from Third Day, and Sting. :)

3. He genuinely seeks to actively love me, bear my burdens, listen when I need to talk, and will often be the first to apologize in an argument, not because he feels that he is "more" wrong than me, but to make his part of the relationship "right".

4. He makes me laugh until I cry.

5. He inspires me to know and follow Jesus, is great to process theological questions with, and actively seeks to allow Jesus to mold him into what He wants him to become. He also shows humility and character in his relationship with other people, where he actively listens to and considers the opinions of people who disagree with him, and is willing to change his stance if he is wrong.

6. He is a great Daddy who takes time to play with his boys, and to share the (at times) "burden" of taking care of young children, almost always giving them their bath in the evening.

7. When he gets in "Tim-Think-Land", his gaze goes all far away, and he starts pacing restlessly and swinging his arms and sort of waggling his fingers. It makes me laugh.

8. Tim is Tim is Tim. He is not someone of pretense, and is not a different person with different people.

9. He processes verbally. He can talk and I can listen, and I like it that way. It makes me feel connected to him. And he likes to hear what I have to say.

10. He rubs lotion on my feet almost every single night, per request of his dry-footed wifey. Now is that true love or what??

I love you so much, Tim Miller. You are one of the very best things of my life.


kdurec said...

Every night!!!! Wow, that IS love! :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww I love your post Carrie!!! You guys are the best and I'm so glad you're at Cannon!! And Happy Birthday Tim!

Lynette Polinder said...