Saturday, August 02, 2008


This morning I was walking through the house with a rather incredulous, you-just-gotta-smile-about-it grin on my face. Both of my boys were screaming bloody murder. Gabe was hanging halfway off the couch with his head resting on the floor bellowing tearfully because:
a. His bowl of strawberries was next to his bowl of eggs on the table, and I told him that I wasn't going to move them away, that he could do it himself, and
b. I would not agree to turn the air conditioner on, but was letting the nice morning breeze blow through the house.

Israel, on the other hand, was in the bathtub, where I hurriedly deposited him after finding him sitting on the floor with poop on his hand from his dirty diaper. He was thoroughly resistant to the idea of generalized cleanliness and wept great fat crocodile tears for many many minutes.

Oh the injustice!!!! Oh the pain of living!!!! If only they had a loving mommy!!!!

I was pretty sure that if any one came to the door at that moment, they would struggle with an involuntary thought that I really must be doing something not quite right for both boys to be so unhappy at the same time.

This afternoon I had another smile on my face. I was laying in our bed, at the end of my afternoon cat nap, with a little blond head resting on the pillow beside me. He was busy telling me a "tormado" story and talking about "the 'nightning (lightning), and the 'nightning, and the 'nightning', and the 'nightning'..." He repeated the 'nightning' phrase about 28 times, arms waving wildly and legs kicking up in illustration as he lay happily ensconced in his mommy's arms. His little head smelled faintly of boy sweat, and he was sweet. I sure do love my boys.

Israel's attention span for reading has increased of late to a much more tolerable length for his mommy. I got really tired of the whole "lets read a book for .02 seconds and then get down and find another repeat ad infinitum". His books of choice right now are any book with photos of babies/kids, truck books, textured animal books, and a book about a little boy and a tractor.

Gabe is in a new song era. I'm hearing lots of songs. "This Little Light of Mine", "The Eensy Weensy Spider", etc. He's just as cute as a lil' ol' button when he pipes them out.

Israel is full of "ooowwww"'s. I hear about 15 declarations of "oowwwww!!!" a day, like, say, after I hand him a faintly warm cookie. :) His little face just snoots all up and looks very injured. :) He needs many kisses and comforts to make life better.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you busy blogger you! I love how there's a new post every time I check!!!I also awoke to the screams of children this morning. Or anyway, heard them screaming upstairs before they came down in the morning. The official version is that Claire took "her" book from Eliza because she "doesn't trust her" not to color in books (which she hasn't done for at least 6 months), leading to piteous wailing from Eliza, me (too pregnant to consider climbing the stairs again) yelling up to give Eliza back the book, then Claire giving her back the book along with a poke in the eye for good measure. Ended with both girls screaming bloody murder at each other. What a way to start the day.

Anonymous said...

We love your (real life) stories need to think about writing a book, in your spare time that is:)). Keep smilin'!! Love you, Elvida (and the rest of the family who reads this too:)

Cottonista said...

Carrie, you got me smiling now too.

My kids' screaming makes me smile (sometimes). Helen hates to wear any bib but Owen's old Elmo bibs, and she--already!--at 20 months doesn't want to wear certain clothes AND has a favorite outfit AND if I put a pair of shoes on her that she doesn't like--watch out, Mommy! She unleashes all the loud wails and fat tears she can muster. (Mommy turns her head and rolls her eyes to herself.)

kdurec said...

I love the stories of your boys. :) They are both sweet and real!