Monday, August 11, 2008

August Life

I have really been enjoying the weather of late - not so hot anymore right now. The other day the boys and I spent the morning at the park. The boys LOVED it. And I actually sort of enjoyed myself - especially after we ran back home for a blanket to sit on and a book. It was comfortable in the shade and really kind of peaceful to be so close to the water.
Cheesy boy.

The other night, for some reason, our electricity went off from about 8 PM-9:40 PM. Gabe has been talking about wanting to roast marshmallows, so I suggested we find something to burn in the backyard. Our large pile of cardboard boxes went up in hungry flames while Gabe raced in gleeful circles around them.
We tried roasting marshmallows...but they tasted awfully toxic. :) So we just ate some plain ones and watched the short-lived flames. The short break from electricity made me remember how much I appreciate it. I love my fan noises and my hot water. :)

Israel is back to his chipper, happy self. HUGE sigh of relief. He and Gabe enjoy each other so much - except for when they don't -you know how that goes. We were gone Wednesday and Thursday for supper invitations, Tim and I went out on Friday, then were gone for another supper invitation on Saturday, and finished up the week with a church supper picnic on Sunday. The boys crack me up in the back seat on the way home from all of those things. They laugh and laugh and giggle and are the biggest cheese balls ever.

Gabe is currently experimenting with "potty talk". As in "poo-poo head" (cackle of laughter), "pee pee butt" (wild giggles), "poopy bottom" (wiggle of glee). His daddy gets very stern with him, informing him that potty talk belongs in the bathroom. Israel chortles with joy because we're all having such a good time, and Mommy grins into her hand. She can't help it. She thinks it's funny. Snicker.

The other day I was instructing Gabe to "come here now" when he was outside, and he was being his normal self and being very dwaddle-y. He looked at me and said "Mommy, it's called patience!!" I hid a smile and told him that patience is very good indeed, but what he needed to practice at that point was obedience!! We were driving home the other night and attempting to distract Gabe from the thrill of "potty talk" by singing the ABC song, which thoroughly annoyed my son. He asked us to stop and then said "Daddy, it's called obedience!!!" :)



Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun at the park. . .it would have to get cooler here before a day at the park would be very enjoyable :). What is it with boys and their fascination for anatomy? I'd hate to see what Blake and Gabe would come up with if they played together :) Jan

Cottonista said...

Toasted marshmallows--mmmm--sorry it didn't work out!

Anonymous said...

Is potty talk a boy thing? I mean, I've been told that all children do it, but such things have never crossed Julia's mind (couting my blessings!). Do they hear from somewhere else to start with? Ange

Heidi Rhodes said...

Your boys are so cute ( and funny) =) they sound like a lot of fun the park looks like a great time and it looks like momma was having some fun with her camera all stretched out on her comfy blanket. Blake also enjoys the potty talk and giggles rhiotously which then makes lexi dissolve into giggles mimicking whatever hes saying altho she has no idea why its funny. i love weeks like yours when you get a break from cooking =)