Monday, November 17, 2008

A Forgotten Update

(This was a forgotten update from November 6.)

Life has gotten easier lately. Zion has a less sensitive tummy. He smiles more, which about bowls me over with surprised delight every time I see it, because his smiles are still so new and unexpected. He has also really switched into a better schedule, with more predictable naps and a bedtime of about 10 PM. This is truly thrilling, this bedtime. :) He also will go to sleep in the swing and the bouncer, which means I don't have to hold him the whole time he is awake, which is also a great help.

In other scrapbook-y news, it took him about a month and a week to finally not scream through his baths, and even vaguely enjoy them. I discovered along the way that he likes having a wet washcloth over his body as I wash him, and likes the water to be a little deeper than I had it at first, perhaps just to give him that "swim-my" feeling. Also, his first smile was at about 3 weeks, 5 days. Man, I love those smiles.

Israel is a doll-baby himself. He loves to give Zion kisses, leaving wet splotches on his baby hair. Then he will look up at me with a hopeful look, raise his hand questioningly in the air, and say "Nnn-tiss??" (Another kiss?) "Nnn-mo-tiss??" (One more kiss?) He loves to carry around his dolls and put them in the swing, put them in the cradle, in a basket that he pretends is a cradle, smear lotion on them, etc. Honestly, it is just so cute. :) :) :)
Gabe is really a good big brother. He just ADORES Zion, and says ALL the time, "He is just so adorwable! He is so adorwable! Isn't he, Mom?" in his high little voice. With Israel, he has moved into the "STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!" stage. Or the "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!" stage. Sigh. He is also big into the "exercising". All the time he talks about exercising. And "energy". It's so funny, and I don't know where he gets it, because we sure don't talk much about exercise. Playing video games also apparently quantifies as "exercise" and is done to "give him energy". Hmm. I'm not quite sure about that one.


Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

Awww...what a good little brother Gabe is to Zion. I would love to hear his little high pitched voice talking to Zion. And how hilarious that Israel pretends to be very into "exercising" what a little goof.

Anonymous said...

He's such a cutie! I know what you mean about the smiles. Luke started smiling about a week ago and every time he does, I melt. I like this stage, but it gets so much better once they start being more interactive. Enjoy your time with just the two :) Love you, Carmen