Thursday, November 06, 2008

Weighty Issues

So I still haven't lost all my pregnancy weight. This is vastly annoying to me for several reasons. First of all, I have gained about the exact same weight with each boy, yet this time, for some mysterious reason, the last 10-12 pounds wants to cling on for dear life and celebrate the holidays with me as a tenacious buddy. I blame it on being 30. Secondly, this means I can only cram myself into one straining, forgiving pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. Grump. And the third reason I find all this so irritating is because it means that I will likely have to EXERCISE. Myself, I intensely prefer the vigorous activity of NOT exercising.

So today I lamented all of this by donning the coolest-ever, circa-1980's, elastic-waisted pair of hot pink, aqua, and white striped shorts, and steadily eating everything in sight all day long. It was actually quite enjoyable. Although I still feel a bit stuffed.


Off to find a stretchier waistband...

In cheerier news, check out this wittle pwecious wittle man.
Check out the chin chubs. That blends into the cheek chubs. :) Heh heh heh. SERIOUSLY. This kid is one of THE more adorable kiss-inspiring children alive in the world today. I just cannot quit kissing him. You gotta get right there in those neck folds and kiss away. Mmmm!!! So soft and sweet and sweet-smelling and snuffle-y and bright-eyed and whirly-armed....

Today this very nice lady came over and helped me TREMENDOUSLY as she does from time to time by holding Zion so I could busily scurry around the house and get things accomplished. A marvelously productive feeling.
It really is amazing how helpful it is just to have somebody else around to hold the baby. Happy sigh. Thank you, Grandma Dorothy. :) :) :)

And to close out the Miller weight-inspired news, Tim came out of the bathroom tonight after brushing Gabe's teeth and said, "And I quote: 'Dad, you're almost fat!"" This was followed by a fully startled exclamation from Tim - "WHAT?!?!"



Rhonda H. said...

I'm sure Dorothy loved holding baby Zion as much as you enjoyed the few moments of "free time". Many years ago when we moved to Greenwood (from northern IN) when I was a year old, we had an older couple "adopt" us into their family, so that we kids had a "Grandma and Grandpa" close by. It was a real blessing!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, don't even go to the "In 1 month I have to lost all the pregnancy weight" zone. You will create enemies. Count yourself warned!!

Carrie said...

Rhonda - It really is a blessing, for sure to have someone to hold him occasionally while he is still in such a "needy" stage!!

Sylvia - Oh. Oops...

Anonymous said...

So Zion is 1mo and you aren't into all your clothes. . .welcome to the normal world :). Actually, after Blake, I zipped right back into my clothes . .. NOT so with Brian. Lisa loned me pants she was too skinny for, and I never gave them back :(. I'm not looking forward to finding clothes to wear after this baby. . . oh well :). Janice

Amber Cullum said...

OK so the Tim comment is classic. Did Gabe just laugh after he made the fat comment or was he serious?

Anonymous said...

lol to gabe's comment about Tim!!! :) :)
You, my dear, look AMAZING for having just had a baby. It doesn't even seem possible that you were only very recently "with child".
And lastly, ummm, if ever you need someone to "just hold" the baby...please call. I'm only a second away!!!

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

Lets also be reminded that pre-pregnancy I think you were in the negative sizes with your tiny little waist and buns.

Also I love that Gabe told Tim he is "almost fat." I'm not sure what my response would be if someone told me that.

Love and miss you. Have fun munching on snacks in your stretchy pants :>) Ha! I love the way you word things.

Anonymous said...

More depressing about weighty issues is to not have lost all the weight from previous pregnancy before the next surprise pregnancy! Enjoy those stretchy pants. Soon they'll be stored away soon into the deepest depths of your closet never to be seen again no doubt. :) Until the next baby, huh?
-Kristin Bucher