Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've been sort of too busy lately (for some reason) to blog very much, particularly when I have to edit photos. However (of course), life has continued to happen, so here is some catch-up over the past two months. These pictures unintentionally have a Gabe-theme, but I'll catch you up on Israel next.

Early in October, we went to Apple Scrapple in Bridgeville.
It was right up my Fall Festival alley, which has been sorely deprived over the past seven years as I seemed to have to work over almost every fall celebration in Kentucky. Zion was two weeks old, and he did fine. We didn't stay too long, but we did enjoy a scrapple sandwich, an apple dumpling, check out Cannon's pie selling booth, get the boys a dolphin balloon, and take them on a Ferris Wheel ride. Oh, and as we were walking out, we got to see a helicopter land. Very cool. :) I just adored the entire experience, while walking through a skillion people pushing one double stroller containing two young children and one regular stroller containing a very small infant was not on Tim's list of "Things I Love To Do On My Day Off". :)
But me - I can't wait till next year!!!

I like this shot from a few weeks after Zion was born. Often Zion wakes up around 7 or 7:30 AM, and then I lay him beside me on the pillow and give him his pacifier and we doze together groggily for a while. On this morning, I had one dozy infant and two inquisitive brothers. :)

Here was a Zion picture on the baby quilt his Grandma Edith made for him.
Gabe hangs out with his beloved little brother.
Gabe's four year old picture.
All three boys got some much needed haircuts the other week. This was Israel's first "clippers" haircut, and he had a GREAT time getting to be like Daddy and Gabe. :)
Mom and Dad came to check on the grandchillin's again around the beginning of November. Here was the Granddaddy and the grandboy.
A late night shot of a Daddy and a sleeping boy.
This is a common activity of mine these days. BUT. Would someone please explain to me why one of the RARE pictures of me and Zion has to also contain a shoe?? And a Croc, none the less. Frown at husband, frown at husband. >:(
Speaking of husband, that good daddy has boys who LOVE to wrestle and play with him when he comes home. Gabe gets all hyper every single night when he comes home and does unwise things like bop his daddy on the head while he's sitting on the couch to try to get his attention. :) Tim is good at giving them some "boy time", and they just eat it up!!!
"Mommy, can I hold the baby and can you take my picture?"
Enjoying the Zion cuteness...
Silly boys.
The other day, Gabe and I were looking at a photo album from when he was a baby. "Oh!" says he "I was ado-wable!!" (like he says about Zion) :) "Yes you were!" I respond. I show him the picture of the baby shower where Grandma Edith gave Mommy a baby quilt she made for Gabe. He emits an excited gasp. I go get the quilt for him from the closet, and he exclaims excitedly over it. I show him the "cozy side". He immediately has to shuck off his pants so he can feel it on his legs. :) I cannot persuade him to put his pants back on, as he would rather "be cold" and feel the "cozy blanket". He had to sleep under it that night. Grin.
Zion, asleep on his Mommy's pillow. Can you find him? :)
And finally, here's my boys, busy being boys. Happy sigh.


RosyRose said...

Hey love all the little guys! And have I told you that the name Zion rocks the house! Love it...
I'm pulling for a Judah next!:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Grandma Edith's quilt is beautiful and looks like it was a lot of work! Grandma Mast is working on one for Silas too- so precious! That picture with the foot just looks like it needs a little cropping to be a precious mommy/baby picture. I know what you mean about not being many pictures of you. I'm usually behind the camera too. C