Monday, November 17, 2008

The Zion Baby

The Zion baby is growing and getting sweeter and sweeter every day. I LOOOVE it when he smiles - they are just adorable...melt melt melt sigh. One of my favorites is when he gets a little grin on his face when I lay him down on the bed and he happily stretches out his legs.
He is a generally happy baby - except when he's not. :) He calms down with a pacifier, eating, or a bouncing walk.
He loves to look over my shoulder.
He is starting to coo.
He spits up more than my other boys have.
I'm pretty sure he's going to be blond like Gabe. When he was born he had blond hair on top (that has since fallen out) and brown hair on the sides and back that is still there and looks like a nice receding hairline. :) Some of it is starting to rub off, though, and it looks to me like the "peach fuzz" blondness that was on the top of his head is starting to grow longer. His eyebrows and eyelashes are blond too.
He continues to eat well and fill out the wrinkles in his legs. :)
He will sleep usually from 10 PM to 7 AM, and wake once in between to eat. I moved his cradle into our closet about a week ago, and he seems to sleep better in there. (I don't know what we are going to do when we move to a house without a nice walk-in closet, as it has been so busy these past few months! :))
He has recently switched his "going to sleep" routine (as babies seem to do). Before, he would only go to sleep for the night when Tim carried him either over his shoulder or like this.
Now, he likes the Moby Wrap which I use for a carrier, and usually falls asleep in that.
He likes his Mommy - and I love it that he does. He calms when he comes to me, and seems to like my kisses and smooches and pats. I've noticed that when one of the boys climb up beside him, he seems to get a little agitated, wide-eyed and whirly-armed, and is only semi-tolerant of their generous heapings of loving pats and kisses. Gabe loves to just hover over him, and Zion is not so big on that idea.
Both boys still do really well with him and really love him. He often has little wet patches of hair from Israel's many kisses, and Gabe often exclaims over and over "He's just so ado-wable!!"


Anonymous said...

My favorite photo is 5th from the looks professional! Glad things are looking up. They are around here too.Yay for progress!

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Um, that was me-