Friday, November 14, 2008

The Potential of Ring Bearing...

I am currently "flying solo" for a few days. Tim and Gabe are in Cranberry, PA for Shawn Yoder's wedding, where Tim is doing the "talking" part :) and Gabe is the ring bearer.

I have been preparing Gabe for this trip for a while, since I knew I wouldn't be going (because of the distance and Zion), and since sometimes he can be a Mommy!Mommy! boy. I have talked to him about Shawn and Kaylene, and how they are getting married, and how he is going to drive a long way with Daddy to PA, and how they are going to stay in a hotel room with a TV (will they have racecars [on TV] he asks, and I nod and say probably so!) and how he will get all dressed up and carry the rings, and he has been quite excited for a while now, and also somewhat worried that he might have missed the big event. He has often asked about if "tonight is the meeting", or similar questions, and the other day he said "OH NO!!! We missed the 'meeting'!!!" (He keeps calling the wedding 'the meeting'.) But in fact he had not missed the meeting, and he woke up bright and early to go drive off to it this morning.

Israel, Zion, and I have actually had quite an enjoyable day. Two kids sure does feel less than three. Actually, two of my three equal a separate kid entirely - it's not just three kids, it's also dealing with the hyper COMBO of Gabe+Israel. :) So Israel really enjoyed his rule of his roost today, with no episodes of being tackled or having his toys taken away. :) We had a vacation day, where Mommy lazed about enjoying the relative peace and quiet and significant reduction of duties, and where we also went to gaze upon potential home buys and went to Wally World. Now THAT is my idea of a good day. :)

I did miss that other little kid of mine quite intensely tonight though. Tim said that Gabe is not so sure about the idea of being a ringbearer. It seems there were some tears and pillow throwing involved. Hmmm. :) Hopefully all will go well tomorrow. When I talked to them tonight, they were lazing upon a king sized bed watching the History Channel. :)

I sure do love you, Gabriel Timothy.

And you too, Timothy David.

Have fun!!


Tom said...

Amen to that part about two being entirely different from three! Glad you're getting a little break although I know you're missing him too. Funny how that works. Cant' wait to see pictures of the ring-bearing! Candice

Cottonista said...

No kidding about the kid math. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I hope Gabe does well today, and Tim can get lots of pictures.

kdurec said...

That is too cute. :)

Oh my, I do try to enjoy this time of just ONE child, knowing that some day it will not be so easy...

Anonymous said...

AWWWW....I am sure you know by now that your lil ring-bearer did PERFECTLY!!! He was absolutely ADORABLE!!ABSOLUTELY SOOO CUTE!!! I got pictures, I will try to get some up soon! Thanks for sharing your men! Tim had a great message too...many commented on how good it was! You woulda been/should be a proud mama/wife....We missed you!!!! Love you...Elvida