Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bedroom Update...Sigh

So last night, on their first night as Kentucky roomies, the boys woke each other up with their coughing around 4:30 AM. Then Israel saw Gabe's closet light on and decided that meant it was time to get up, so he is wide awake and yelling/crying in his crib while Gabe is shouting sleepily at him to "Be quiet Baby Is'wal!!!!!!" I tried to close the closet door, but Gabe hates the dark, so I thought maybe Israel would readjust. Nope. Finally, I abandon my own cozy bed, groggily get on some warm clothes, fetch the yelper from his crib, and transfer him to the living room floor, where he begins to play busily. It is now 4:50 AM. Good Morning America is not even on yet. This is just not a good time for Mommy. I lie somewhat comatose and quite crabbily on the couch until around 6 AM when Israel decides he might could use some shut-eye and crawl greedily back under my warm covers. The boys both slept until 10:30 AM. And so did I, my friends, so did I.

Tonight, we had plans. Both boys got cough syrup, a humidifier on high steam, and we were set. Unfortunately, for the first time, Israel was not asleep when Gabe came in. So then Israel had to get back up, while Gabe "went to bed", except he wasn't going to sleep, and then Israel was tired, but then Gabe was still awake, and then they were "talking" and definitely not going to sleep and then Israel was yelling and it was 11:30 PM...sigh. Oh, sigh sigh sigh. Finally, Tim took Gabe on a late night stroller ride that put him to sleep, and I closed the closet door so Israel would know it was night. My new plan is to provide Gabe with a flashlight that he can clutch, and hope he doesn't wake up and open his closet door. We shall see how the night fares... (look of long suffering inserted here)...

This is quite the process.


Anonymous said...

I was a little frightened about what kind of information we were going to get in a "bedroom update." :) C

Carrie said...

LOL. You're such a dork. :)