Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Cutie-pie in the strollerGabe working intently with the garden hose.My stroller-pushing view. :) He kept craning back to look at me and smiling delightedly.

Gabe spent a long time today driving his tractor around.
Busy boy in the pans. I was sort of surprised at his level of dexterity. He put the pans in and took them out and repeat.
This was the boys the other day in the crib romping around as Mommy issued "Be careful...GABE!!! I SAID BE CAREFUL!!!!"'s. Both boys were having a grand ol' time as I eyed them warily. Those two...
Smudgy son. Son loves the piano. He can pull right up on it.

Nice fall day today. Youse guys in far away lands are missing the fall, so I'm reveling in it for you. Blue blue skies, bright yellowed slanty sunlight, hint of chill in the air...I love it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for enjoying fall for us. Can you please eat at a Mexican restaurant for us too while you're at it?
The boys are cuties- Gabe looks like he's being set up for that old "face full of water from the hose" trick. It's been fun chatting- try out your webcam sometime again- I promise not to think you're ugly. Candice

Carrie said...

"Crunch crunch." That's the tortilla chips with salsa I'm munching on. Or will be. Only for you, my dear, or your beloved sister, would I go to ALL THAT EFFORT. Man, my life is hard.

Anonymous said...

For me, it would have to be a piece of pumpkin pie with whipped topping :) I do hope you enjoy the fall for us. Here we have hot, hot summers and cold winters, and not that much in between. It was great seeing you on webcam! Love ya, C