Friday, September 28, 2007

Busy Bee

Wow. Today I had one of those Rev-It-Up-I'm-Gittin'-It-DONE-ALREADY days. I got all sorts of things done. I:
1. Finished sorting through stuff in the bathroom closet to make it more organized for home-browsers
2. Packed 2 boxes of books, 2 boxes of magazines, 1 box of photo albums, 2 boxes of papers, and one box of misc. to go into the attic.
3. Windex-ed in the kitchen
4. Did two sink loads of dishes
5. Put away one sink load.
6. Put away a dishwasher load of dishes, reloaded, and washed a second load
7. Picked up every single room of the house, including some of the basement
8. Went to McDonald's for lunch. But I made my own ice tea. Gulped down Big-and-Tasty and a few tasty frites.
9. Made supper, consisting of Sloppy Joes, cabbage-celery-and-apple-salad, brussel sprouts, and ice tea. Mmmm.
10. Dusted living room.
11. Moved photo albums from the living room to make room for kids books.
12. Finished sorting through filing cabinet and packing irrelevant filed items into boxes for the attic.
13. Filed all random papers in the office.
14. Tended to the boys.
15. Read to Gabe.
16. Went on a walk.
17. Did several loads of laundry
18. Put away one load of laundry.
19. Emptied bookshelf behind office door and moved it downstairs, so office will look bigger to said home-browsers.
20. Realized I lost Tim's sermon notes for next weekend.
21. Lugged my big ol' trashbag back inside and went through every single item twice, first quickly and the second time more carefully. Couldn't find them.
22. Searched through 6-inch pile of school papers in the attic twice. Still couldn't find them.
23. Remembered, after seeing a paper upstairs, that I had filed some papers. Came downstairs and searched file cabinet. Found 'em. Hah. Heh heh heh. My husband should know I love him after all that. He had told me not to worry about it, but I felt bad for losing it.
24. Typed this list twice because Blogger lost it for me the first time >:(
25. Patted myself quite contentedly on the back for all the work I got done. I love it when I have such a satisfactorily productive day. Happy sigh.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sorry we have been crossing bleary ships headed home in the night...maybe this weekend? emily

Cottonista said...

Wow, you buzzy bee you. I feel convicted.

Carrie said...

Emily - sounds good to me. I work Saturday till 7. Maybe I'll try you on the way home.

Joycie - Buuzzzzzzzzzz. Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Wow. . what was in your morning coffee??? I need some :). Janice

Carrie said...

Janice - Wide eyed jittery look. Oh, nothing, really. Just a few crushed thyroid tablets and a dash of Jolt. In my AM coffee. Jitter. :) Just kidding. :) I'm not sure why I had so much energy, but I sure was on "VROOM!!!". For some reason.

Anonymous said...

You gals make me laugh!! Your entry just motivated me to go declutter!!! Ann Marie