Sunday, September 30, 2007

Growing, Growing , Growing

*Israel was standing today when I set him down on the floor. He stood by himself just a little bit, and then lowered himself on down. This baby stage seems to have gone so much faster this second time around. I thought he was just born about 5 months ago!! Weird.

*Mommy's favorite Gabe quote of late: "Mommy, I just can't ba-NEAVE it!!!" (can't believe it) accompanied with appropriate hand gestures and facial expressions. Another favorite is: "Let me sink." (Let me think.), which is followed by all sorts of finger to the mouth, eyes raised in deep, concerted thought, swaying back and forth.

*Tonight after we came back from "checking on" our neighbors, Gabriel was distraught and tearfully asked to be taken back because he had forgotten to give Bud a "nighty-night" hug. :) Tim took him back over, and Bud was thrilled to comply.

*Tonight Gabe was talking to Grandma Carol on the computer over the web cam, and she told him an attention getting story about how they were going to knock the neighbor's house down and there were going to be dump trucks there. He came out to the kitchen wide eyed and full of stories about the neighbor's house and the dump trucks that were going to be there. :) He also had to go get his beloved cars (thank you, Aunt Lynette!) to show Grandma.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the baby stage going by fast. I was talking with someone a couple days ago and I said that I started noticing my asthma symptoms about two years ago when my oldest daughter, Dara was born. Dara, as you know is almost four. Oh well, it just shows that time goes really fast at this stage. :) C

Cottonista said...

Such sweet babes you have!

Christy said...

I saw you stopped by my site and wanted to return the vist. I enjoyed my stay. :) You have an interesting way of writing about mommy life.