Sunday, September 16, 2007


I read a quote tonight online that greatly amused me.

"If breastfeeding offends you, please feel free to put a blanket over your head."


I read an article in the paper the other day about a woman in Lexington who went to Applebee's with her 10 month old son. She chose a rear corner booth, facing the wall, because she wanted to breastfeed her baby. At some point during the meal, the waitress came up to her and informed her that if she wished to continue breastfeeding, she needed to cover the baby with a blanket, as another customer was offended by her breastfeeding in public. The mother told the waitress that she did not have a blanket, as it was July. The waitress repeated her statement. The woman asked to talk to the manager, who came over and supported the waitress. The mother went to go finish breastfeeding in the car, refusing the offer of a napkin. She was very upset, and was requesting a public apology from Applebee's and education for waitstaff. Applebee's response was to say that they may now provide blankets for any woman who wants to nurse.

I'm not arguing against the importance of discretion; I think that is only considerate. I'm just saying, if someone catches a glimpse, just look the other way for pete's sake. Get over your over-blown self important sense that no one should have to see "that" while they're eating. Avert your eyes. Put a blanket over your head.


Anonymous said...

Amen! I remember that enraged feeling I had breastfeeding in the bathroom of restaurants! There are never even any chairs!! I was probably too self conscious about it- it's a baby gettting a meal for pity sake, not a big display. I'm with you- look away people! Candice

Carrie said...

You're right - I'm always really annoyed by the lack of chairs too. I'm also usually self-conscious too, and would prefer going to the bathroom as opposed to just nursing in the restaurant - but why does no one ever think to have a chair? I had an experience in a Target last winter where the fitting room lady told me that I could use the fitting room to nurse, but they might have to knock on the door to tell me to stop so that someone could use the room. I was flamin' ticked. I sort of wish I had enough guts to say "OK, why don't I just sit down on the desk right here and breastfeed the hungry baby that is currently crying loudly on my shoulder. That will save you your precious dressing room for all the other customers you value more than me. And that way maybe everyone can spice up their day a little with all the sights they saw in the local Target! Oh, that's right - you would prefer if I would just go sit on the cozy, babysafe toilet and nurse my child. Thanks for all the love I'm getting around here." This fitting room, by the way, had about 12 rooms, 3 of which were in use. After I returned the second time to actually try on clothes and experienced their initial annoyance and head shaking over the fact that I was back AGAIN, OBVIOUSLY to nurse my baby AGAIN, I actually went and expressed my annoyance to the manager I was so mad. Man. Still makes me mad.

joy said...

Ooo, that would have ticked me off! Elena is not a good nurser -- she gawks around and waves her arms and absoloutely hates it if I cover her with a blanket. I've given up trying to actually nurse in the open public...decency unfortunately isn't even an option. :(