Monday, September 24, 2007


You know that I must be turning into a fairly horrible person when I am narrowing my eyes, grinding my teeth, and shaking my bony little fist at my dog when she is asking for the following:
1. Water
2. Food
3. To go outside to pee

Wow. What a jerk am I. It’s just that the day is so busy and about the time I finally have the luxury of sinking into a chair, to pound away on the computer or bury my nose in a good book, that needy Snooch ruffs her commanding little bossy “RUFF!!” in the bathroom doorway, RIGHT outside the room where the baby slumbers quietly. At that point, all the ire within me that remains from the day’s frustrations wells up and gives her a whispered retort full of lots of flying spittle and gnashing of teeth. Would everyone just quit needing things and leave me alone already!!!!!!!

The problem is that the baby LOVES to get Chloe’s food and water, so it is often lifted up out of both of their reaches, so she has every right to inject some sass into her tone…but it still makes me want to send her packing. Sometimes I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough emotional energy left over for the Dog-Formerly-Known-As-Beloved. I still like her (sometimes), but sometimes she just feels like she’s more work than she’s is worth. Sigh. Poor Snooch. One day, Snoochie. One day when the babies are older and so are you, you’ll probably resume your happy little life as the gruffing head of the household. Until then…


heidirhodes said...

haha carrie that made me laugh. i do the exact same thing with our little pooch. one little bark when i have just got the babies to sleep and i fly to the door to yell at poor little elvis who just wants some attention. poor dogs...=)

joy said...

Yes, Philo has definitely dropped a notch on the family totem pole. Poor little beastie has no one to play with. Right after the baby came, there was a surge in his naughtiness level, but I think that's finally resolving a bit (we hope).

Cottonista said...

I can relate. I have lost all patience for the cat. I think the worst thing with ours is how she gets in the way of my walking and I trip all over her. She just wants attention and a nice scratch like in the good ol' days...Bristow has been banished to the outdoors.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I can't relate on this point. I've never had a high level of sympathy for animals and still don't :) I do have a lot of love for your other chubsters though and can't wait to give them both big hugs and kisses when I see them again. Love ya, C