Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, Mom and Carol!! You are both wonderful mothers who are a rich blessing!

I spent my fourth Mother's Day doing something I'm sure plenty of other mothers around the globe were also doing - staying at home with a sick child. Israel has been feverish (101-102 temp) the past several days, so I decided not to inflict him on other children at church. Or other Mommy's. :)

That child wears me out when he is sick. Let me present a portrait series I call "Variations on a Theme".
Indeed. I felt as if I had an invisible line stretched behind me pulling a trotting, fussing, wailing, hot little furnace fusser wherever I went. He wants rock time, lap time, hold time, read time. We read books a lot yesterday, with particular focus on "The Gabriel's Book"'s, which he LOVES. They are two books that my Mom made for Gabe when he was about Israel's age, that has pictures of her and Dad, and the dogs, and the cows, and their house. Israel has a different perspective. To him, they are about Gabe's shoes (Israel is obsessed with shoes), Gabe's sippy cup, the golf cart, and the "singing" pages. The singing pages consist of two pictures that show Grandma Edith cuddling Gabe and singing a nighty-night song to him. Israel will just look and look at those pictures, and then he will squirm around on my lap, lay his head on my shoulder and "sing". Yesterday, he pointed at another picture of Grandma, unrelated to the singing picture, and cuddled close to sing. Then he turned around in my lap, pointed again, and was back to my shoulder. He repeated the process about seven times. :) Sweetheart.

When Gabe and Tim got home from church they brought me in the following:
Gabe wide-eyed-edly gave me the penny and dollar he had clutched in his little fist that he had found in the car. Tim said he was all excited when Tim told him it was "Mama's Day" and they were going to pick Mama some flowers.

"Yeah," said Gabe, "and I'll give her some money!!" (holding up the penny)

"Do you want to give her that dollar, too?" asked Tim.

I am a rich woman.

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Lynette Polinder said...

i LOVE those two little boys. And I'm really liking your photography skills.