Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life of Late

Gabe taking a "bath in the bowl!!" the other day when it was sunny outside. He LOVED it!!
The baby was a little jealous and had to cram his own little self into a bowl.
A Squintin' Sonny.
Gabe fell fast asleep on the couch on Sunday evening.
Sugar pie.
And this little sugar pie is into climbing onto EVERYTHING!!! I came out the other week to find him perched on top of the speaker in the living room.
Cheesy Boy with his Daddy.
Gabe thoughtfully peruses his Caillou book, specially requested from the library.
Happy boys in the shower.
Tim driving the boys around the yard.


Elaine said...

Thankfully, it's only 8 hours one way! And isn't it just about worth having kids so that you always have something to take pictures of? I am living for Fathers' Day when John is getting an external flash, so that I can take better indoor pictures. Wow, that sounds terrible, but he will enjoy it just as much or more than I will so it's not bad to get him something I want...is it?

Cottonista said...

I love Israel's washboard.

Joanna said...

Is that your backyard! Amazing! how have you guys been? when is baby number three due? I just found your email this morning in my inbox from MONTHS AGO! How are you guys! =) I miss you.