Monday, May 19, 2008


Sometimes these boys just wear me out. At the end of the day, when Tim has been gone for work all day and then is gone again in the evening for a meeting, and I’ve wrestled the boys in and out of the tub, looked haggardly at the drenched bathroom rug from Gabe throwing washcloths and cups out of the tub, broken up arguments, scolded Gabe repeatedly for not listening and sent him to plenty of time outs, hauled the littlest one off the top of the table, on top of the magazine table, on top of the trunk in his room, on top of anything and everything he can climb on, stopped him repeatedly from jumping on the couch and risking his little neck, picked up Legos, picked up fish from the fish game, picked up cars to put back in the car basket, felt a great wave of despair finding the many many many cards from the Bible trivia game dumped and mixed up in Gabe’s underwear drawer, sent Gabe to sit on the chair for dumping out powder, put more clothes in the dryer, and still need to clean off the table – I am just so DONE. A Mommy needs a break at the end of the day, and sometimes the day just keeps going and going and going. Haggard frizzy haired sigh.


Anonymous said...

Carrie, I can empathize, especially when you're a pregnant mommy on top of it all. Except that now I'm priviledged enough to have 3 wonderful additional babysitters. If I were closer by, I'd volunteer to keep your cute little kiddos and give you a much deserved break!

Anonymous said...

I so know how you feel!!!! Sometimes it just seems like the mothering never ends. Then when I think about adding the 3rd I get a little overwhelmed at times :). Oh well. . we will get through it! Jan

Heidi Rhodes said...

oh carrie i understand been there so many times. i love the summer but when anthony works those extra hours on the long evennings i get more than a little frazzled some days. what a full time job mothering is and i dont think you can truly understand it until youve been a mom. Heres hoping for a much needed and deserved break for you soon. go get a pedicure every pregnant momma needs one ( not speaking from experience but always wanted to go get one done when i was pregnant. those poor feet got no attention! =( )

Carrie said...

Sylvia - Wow...those three helpful babysitters sure would be nice. :)

Janice - Have you found out what you're having yet? I hope it's a boy - I need the moral support. :)

Heidi - EXACTLY. More than a little frazzled is exactly right. It's just nice to have someone there to work beside you at the end of the day. Hmm - pedicure sounds good...! :)