Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life in 2008

life with boys


  • shrieking contests
  • death defying stunts such as sturdy little bodies hurling themselves off the couch onto cushions on the floor as Mommy yells loudly and runs around trying to maintain lives and limbs
  • splashing contests in the bathtub
  • giggles in the shower
  • Brother pulling Baby in the wagon
  • screeches for drinks in sippy-cups
  • rides on the lawn mower
  • self entertainment outside. I love self entertainment.
  • Gabriel seesawing from being bored when the baby is sleeping and asking repeatedly to wake the baby up to screeching outrage when the baby ventures a chubby hand toward his toy/activity/food/etc.
  • cackles of laughter when Daddy comes home
  • Israel copying every activity of his beloved older brother
  • warm bodies in laps while reading books
  • wet kisses
  • soft bellies and smooth cheeks
  • sweet breath
  • stinky diapers
  • Thomas the Train, Cars, and dinosaur underwear
  • tricycles and tractors and dump trucks and drumsticks
  • lots of requests for milk and snacks
  • long days when Tim has an evening meeting
  • dirt digging
  • toy squabbles
  • A generalized love of toothbrushes and all things toothbrushing
  • sweet slumbering
  • Making each other laugh
  • Making Mommy want to pull her hair out
  • Making Mommy laugh
  • Making Mommy’s heart smile

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Heidi Rhodes said...

Love your list Carrie what a great idea! i can identify with a lot of those with a little girl to..she wants to be just like big brother and play with what hes playing with, eat whatever he has..Hope you have a great day!
Ps we need a update on pregnant Carrie! How many weeks are you? what are you looking like by now? (pictures pictures) Do you have names picked out? Maybe next post can be a list on Carrie?? :D